Saturday Extra: Cosmic Dirt

Cosmic Dirt is a small company based in Bellingham, WA whose tagline is Singletrack for All. They’ve got an ‘every body on bikes mission,’ which results in all their gear being available in the widest range of sizes, including XXL and XXXL and XXXXL. The idea is that there are a lot of people who would like to have good bike clothing, but they can’t find any.

I’m highlighting them because I think this is a great project, but also because their designs are good. I got myself a long sleeve tech tee, which I’ll use for fall mountain biking

One of the owners of Cosmic Dirt is a friend-of-a-friend, and it is possible we’ll have some content from them down the road, which I’m pretty excited about, because this person, if we can pull it off, is hilarious and low-key inspiring and basically just rad, so folks should look forward to that.

Their short-sleeve tech tees come in relaxed and fitted cuts. They’re $38, so very reasonable, and as I said, they look good. For $2 more you can get the longsleeve. There are also hats, socks and water bottles. I’d say get yourself some stuff, support a cool, small company, and spread the word in the best way possible. 

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