Revolting 78

Walking on Sunshine with Amanda K. Bryan. For this episode we have with us agent of chaos, smiley villain, and all around stone cold homey, Amanda K. Bryan. If you’ve listened to the show for any length of time, you’ve heard Amanda’s name come up. Maybe you even listened to the episode she joined us for last year, when we discussed the problems of chamois and vulvas not getting along. She has been an industry road animal for some years, formerly for the good folks at Kona Bikes, and now for Industry 9.

Music pick of the week

Robot  – Candy Apple – World for Sale

Stevil –   Deftones – Around the Fur

Amanda  – Destroy Boys – Beg for the Torture

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  1. sudouest64 says

    You just posted #78 again, but this time
    using #77 as #78

    1. Stevil Kinevil says

      I caught that too, but we got it fixed up real quick.

  2. dr sweets says

    Glad y’all fixed it. Just get the links to the tunes back up. Thanx for the shoutout. A similar band to Candy Apple you might like is Destruction Unit

    “Dreading the performance” This landed for me because as a kid I was criminally shy. However, I found my way to others with humor and eventually playing in bands, lecturing and talking to many different people everyday. I think it’s all the same and I often say “Showtime!” before I get into any such efforts. Any dread I may have disappears as soon as I step onto the “stage”. I see no difference b/t speaking with a patient or getting up in front of many. Additionally we all put the energy out there, but I know I pull energy back in from these efforts. I’ve learned to look for small victories.

    Lastly, for recharging I relax by riding and doing the scary stuff and/or constantly seeking the sensation akin to catching yourself when leaning back in a chair just before you fall on your ass.

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