Revolting 73

Singletrack for All with Ashley Duffus of Cosmic Dirt.

For this episode we have with us cycling industry luminary Ashley Duffus who is the owner and prime mover behind the Cosmic Dirt apparel company, whose mission is to make clothing for EVERYBODY who wants to ride bikes, meaning in the widest range of sizes possible. We’re going to talk about shifting the bike industry further toward inclusivity and also what it’s like to find your place in the world when you’re an inveterate chaos agent.

Music pick of the week

Robot  – NoMeansNo – Live and Cuddly

Stevil –  Samiam – Stowaway

Ashley – Blackwater Holylight and Chelsea Wolfe

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  1. rampantpandacom says

    Regarding piss bricks: It’s really useful to freeze the piss on shallow plates. This enables easier placement via narrow slots.

    1. Stevil Kinevil says

      It’s a big flat ziplock bag. Easily transportable. My version is way better more practical.

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