Revolting 72

Not Everyone is Evil and Stupid. This episode is about our favorite companies in the bike industry. After we spent last week on a variety of rants about how terrible bikes and bike companies are, we’re back this week with sunshine and positivity and at least a fraction of the bike content that most of you are looking for, although by now, you ought to know better.

Music pick of the week

Robot  – Pigs x 7 – Land of Sleeper

Stevil –  Elvis Costello and the Attractions – This Year’s Model

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  1. dr sweets says

    Robot, you must be really desperate, but thanx for the shout out nonetheless. Now I don’t recalling bringing up Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon, but alas it was my oldest who reintroduced to that stuff in the last few years along with MF Doom’s King Geedorah album which is similarly genius/insane. Ride on!

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