Revolting 64

True Sexy Crime. This episode is all about clicks. The whole world loves true crimes and sex, so we’re gonna stop doing high art and just give the people what they want for a change. We discuss the crimes that have been done to us, and the ones we’ve done to other people.

Music picks of the week

Robot – ’68 – In Humor and Sadness

Stevil – Metallic – Death Magnetic

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  1. albanybenn says

    Down load function, like the most recent Paceline, is not working.

    1. Stevil Kinevil says

      The powers that be have been notified, the situation might be rectified, and lightening is electrified.

  2. Rosé Dave says

    The “would you rathers” are one of the best things about Revolting. I get the most laughs from that shit, and share those more, than any other part of the podcast. For those who don’t like them, would you rather (a) listen to the “would you rather” or (b) not listen to the show again for the rest of your life?

    You guys should do whatever the fuck you want. That’s what makes Revolting.

    1. Stevil Kinevil says

      We will stick with that directive, and thanks for the support.

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