Revolting 63

Losing It.

This episode is about losing things. What physical thing do you find yourself searching for, late at night, the most?  Not your keys. We’re talking about that late night obsessive search to find a messenger bag you know you owned 20 years ago and suddenly must find, or a bike part that you stuck somewhere special can’t find now.  Or a record you know you own. Or, your sanity. 

Music pick of the week

Robot – Fucked Up – Hidden World

Stevil – Corrosion of Conformity – Deliverance


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  1. dr sweets says

    Long time C.O.C. fan having first heard them in ’82. As a high school hardcore kid the two places nearest to us in Norfolk, VA that had bands releasing music of that ilk were DC and Raleigh. The later however seemed more accessible almost more down home and of course it’s the South. The first thing I heard from Corrosion was their selections on the No Core compilation tape which consisted of 4 bands from NC. I kid you not that a bunch of the stuff on there holds up to this day. The whole thing is fantstic, but No Labels (half of the guys in C.O.C.) were my favs. I played that tape into ground and actually learned how to play guitar listening to that along with Ramones “Rocket to Russia”, Black Sabbath “Paranoid” and ZZ Top “Tres Hombres”. As time went on I got see C.O.C. many times and got to know them as the bass player in my band went to high school with them. This was long before Pepper came along, but they were all awesome super nice guys. We opened for them in ’85 prior to “Animosity” coming out and they helped us get shows in Raleigh as well. I just saw them last year and they still bring it. Thank you for reading my history lesson.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      Raymo, I like to imagine you whispering these things to your confused patients when they’re in the chair.

  2. dr sweets says

    Robot, I can’t whisper anything as my patients would never hear it over the drill, vacuum, laser, soulful house mixes, etc. My incessant blather is the most painful thing they have to endure.

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