Revolting 6 Podcast

Stevil and Robot just drop the pretense and talk about music in this one. Skateboarding makes its customary appearance. If you like loud, fast bands or just like listening to two old jerks discuss bands who never made a dollar in their lives, this episode is just the banger you’ve been looking for.

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  1. alltheusernamesaregone says

    Maybe it’s me here.
    I would like to listen to this podcast, but there doesn’t appear to be a link to click on to hear it.
    If I am the tech challenged one here, I accept the consequences.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      It wasn’t you. It was us. Should be fixed now.

      You can also find it here:

  2. dr sweets says

    I’ve ridden with music back since playing tapes in my Walkman in my backpack. No apologies, but I like having a soundtrack. I’ve tried the bone conduction speakers and just found them too clunky especially beneath a helmet and with glasses on. On the contrary, Short-buds are cheap, durable, old-school tech. Stereo to Mono so you hear everything and everything else around you. You’ll thank me later…

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