Revolting 47

Trail Etiquette. This episode is about how you should act while you’re out in the woods on a bike. We discuss the basics and have a few little rants. Then we talk about having kids or dogs and stuff gets deep. Also RC trucks.

Music pick of the week.

Robot – Unwound

Stevil – The Morlocks

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  1. dr sweets says

    I’ve got an instance of trail etiquette (or lack thereof) that I take umbrage with. There seems to be a collective trend amongst a number of riders who feel that if they come up on anyone slower than them the person in front should pull out of the way and stop. This is especially true amongst Starvassholes who are chasing KOM’s on busy (nice weather, weekends, certain hs league coaches when their kids are rolling) trail days. I’ve always been of the mindset that if you are on single track and there is no place to pull to the side, the faster rider may pass when it’s safe to do so. This DOES NOT require the slower rider to stop their ride. My ride is no more important than their ride or vice versa. I’ve found that really good riders who are rockets do not have any issue with this, but it’s the wannabes that seem to have a chip on their shoulder that are the biggest offenders. Conversely this trend has made its way into minds of many riders who will stop and pull over as if that is the norm. When I come up on anyone, I always acknowledge them and let them know I’ll pass when I can offering to thank them for the draft or letting them know if they smell nice or whatever silly thing I can utter to keep things chill. I have had words with a handful of riders over this kind of stuff, but mostly I just say nothing or jokingly say to hurry up as their friends are waiting on them.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      Dr Ray – I’m with you. Generally speaking we gotta let people ride their own rides. I have been trying to ride in places and times when other people are least likely to be present. It helps.

  2. dr sweets says

    John/Robot – I keep banker/doctor hours so I’m free when everyone else is. I have a stash of places that do not get crowded that I’ll hit, but N GA is home to one of the busiest trails in SE and the US for that matter. There are awesome riding options in parks/preserves/destinations all nearby and as such there are tons of mountain bikers here. I tend to view other riders amusingly as obstacles and don’t let them annoy me. I’ve always figured that if someone causes me anger then they’ve won in a sport I’d rather not play.

  3. Julie Snyder says

    Dr Sweets: I like how you’ve adjusted your mindset, since there’s little you can do about the crowded trail times & conditions. Personal peeve: off-leash dogs (and dog walkers) heading uphill on one-way downhill trails.

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