Paceline Tandem #06

We knew even before the race was over that we would be talking to Yuri Hauswald about his adventure at the new 350-mile version of Dirty Kanza, known as the DKXL. How could we not? The 2015 winner of Dirty Kanza is as warm an interview as we get and his unguarded admissions are just the sort of insight into racing that we all hope to get from pro athletes. And Hauswald is different from most pros. He’s older, and is an established pro in his career with GU Energy where he oversees athlete relations; he’s also a fine writer in his own right. He may or may not have an alter ego known as Salty the Yeti, but given that Snuffleupagus-style we don’t ever see Yuri when Salty is around, we harbor suspicions.

FWIW: Yuri says he thinks he sounds punch-drunk, which is maybe fair given how soon after the race we talked to him.



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Dirty Kanza


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