Paceline Podcast 116

Last weekend’s Dirty Kanza introduced a new length, the DKXL, a 350-mile version of the unofficial world championship of gravel racing. In this episode we talk about both the 350 and the 250 and excerpt two coming interviews with Yuri Hauswald, who finished 2nd in the DKXL and Alison Tetrick, who finished third in the DK 200.

We also take some time to discuss the controversy around teammates and drafting at this year’s race. There are a variety of opinions about when it is okay to take a draft from another rider in a gravel event and we will explore some of the different philosophies and objections on this score. We’ll settle nothing, but maybe shed some light on some views other than the ones many of us have held up until now.



Announcing the inaugural “unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley” a premier raw road adventure through 120 miles of Central Pennsylvania onOctober 14th. Easy on the eyes and hard on the legs.

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