Paceline Podcast 350

This week John takes on a number of small issues, mostly style points and asks Patrick’s opinion to see who has the more correct perspective. Patrick relates the many lessons cycling taught readers who responded to his question on social media.

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  1. Rosé Dave says

    I need Patrick’s State of Jefferson novel. Us Northern California cyclists know why. Can’t wait!

  2. dr sweets says

    Some answers you two probably don’t give AF about, but here ya go:

    Glasses: All the time, until they get so sweated/gunked up I can’t see out of them. However, using Wickflow headbands migrates 85-90% of that. I carry Zeiss wipes and a standard eyeglass wipe for when things get unmanageable. I do remove my glasses (mountain biking) while going up climbs of any length and while I know y’all aren’t fans of the company whose name rhymes with despised, they have the helmet/eyeglass storage thing nailed on their Ambush 2 lid and others.

    Bottles (vs bags vs bottle position, etc.). I was a hydration bag guy forever until 2014, when that despised company’s SWAT vest opened my eyes to getting rid of those damn things. I’m with y’all though; under 90 min usually a single bottle is fine. Beyond that or in very hot weather I wear a waist pack of either a Bontrager Rapid pack or if I’m going big an Austere Lab pack plus the bottle mounted on my bike. Additionally, I would not even consider owning a bike that did not have bottle mounts within the front triangle (Come on Canfield; get with it!) As for position, the down tube makes the most sense (unless if you’re British; looking at you Starling and Cotic), is easiest and often the only reasonable option on mountain bikes (beneath the down tube…WTF? Gross!!!) On my “gravel” bike it’s down tube then seat tube and that’s that.

    Gloves: Always. Full-finger ideally with knuckle/digit armor for off road. Additionally, I wear Triple 8 wrist-guards over these because my hands are my job. I wear full-finger on road as well although less armored, mostly because that is simply what I have and fingerless gloves always seemed dumb to me.

    Tubeless Repair: I have OneUp’s EDC tool in the steerers of my mountain bikes and have them with plug kits installed. It’s rare that I need them as I run Huck Norris liners/Orange Seal. However in times of need they’ve gotten me out of trouble without issue. Last fall I had my fastest tubeless repair lasting exactly 9 minutes until I was back on the trail. Might as well put a in plug (pun-intended) for OneUp’s mini pumps. I have both the 100ml and the 70ml ones. They both work way better than any mini pump has a right to. On longer, way out rides I do carry a tube in my waist pack. Knock on wood, I have not had to use a tube in more than five years.

    Kneepads: All the time. Since the early 00s. Weather be damned. I’d rather be hot and sweaty without my knees getting banged up than the alternative. I simply know that without fail, when I do not wear them I will hit my knees. Every damn time. I ride very aggressively and have for years. I learned years ago to dress for the crashes you are most likely to have. Find some that fit and don’t move around. I happen to love Dakine’s offerings in particular their Slayer Pro which took the original Slayer model (also awesome) and added lateral protection. I may move up to the Agent, but we’ll see.

    Lastly, leaving someone behind whether say to go on or they’re okay or whatever. Nope. Sorry, not sorry. When I go a ride with someone I am on the ride with them, period. I don’t care about any Strava nonsense and I can have fun at any speed. Conversely, I ride with friends that are faster than me and they never leave me. Sure, we may all move ahead to hit some feature or section, but we all wait.

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