Paceline Podcast 332

John insists he’s not an economist, but he talks about the economy as it affects the bike industry. After several years of not enough supply to meet demand, it seems that there is more supply than demand. Patrick explores what it means to use the bike to mourn someone’s passing.

Show links:
Dolomite 2.0 – Black / White Fototec – Tifosi Optics
Bike Monkey

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  1. gwgokey says

    A few episodes ago Patrick went into some discussion about tire selection. Would it be possible to hear more about the best tire for certain conditions? Gravel has really taken off and knowing more information would be a great pull! Thanks for all you do!

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      For those of you curious about the info on tires, we also converted Patrick’s pull on the subject into a post:

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