Paceline Podcast 314

Mindful that they are cyclists first and experts maybe, John and Patrick trade stories of cycling pratfalls, times they got it wrong and wound up, well, not on the bike anymore. They’ve had some doozies, and yes, clipless pedals are among them.

Show links:
Men’s Cycling Jacket Albertine Dahlia | Café du Cycliste
Spurcycle Bell—a better bell

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  1. bricycle says

    Hey Guys,

    Love the Paceline podcast & have been listening for years. John a great addition.

    Just want you to know, that I have been a $3/ guy for a while. I just realized that I wasn’t being billed. For your sake, please make sure that I wasn’t the only one. I just re-upped with a new C/C, but hate to think you may be losing $ this way.


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