Paceline Podcast 273

The boys are back after Patrick’s ice-storm-extended Memphis trip. This week John looks at the studded-tire dilemma, because, well, February. Patrick looks at strategies for rejuvenating your riding if you’ve been feeling stale or are trying to get a jump on spring.

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Fiandre No Rain Cap

Orange Mud changing wrap and seat towel

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  1. albanybenn says

    Observations about tubeless-I ride gravel, road, MTB-phat bike mostly and I commute. All told about 6,500 miles a year. Over the last several years I have spent hours road\trail side with riding partners who were wrestling with a tubeless set up that has gone south. I am sure the nuanced advantages are important to some, but are entirely lost on me. I am a 200 pound rider who has not had a pinch flat in years-yes my tires are harder, but I am always moving. I just don’t get the complexity and lack of durability.

  2. says

    So glad to hear your comments on disk brakes–my feelings exactly. I live in the notoriously flat midwest and stopping my bike is not a problem that I have. I’m a lightweight rider so weight costs are important to me. So I continue to be upset that the industry has forced disc brakes on us, esp. because they insist that this change was driven by cyclists. I even know someone that a local shop told she needs discs on her TT bike! BTW, have you noticed that they have more or less given up on touting their stopping power and now emphasize that it lets you put on wider tires?

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