Paceline Podcast 231

Travel is on the minds of our hosts this week. Patria opens the show recounting a trip that she and her husband did to New Zealand with travel bikes. 

Patrick takes a look at considerations for selecting a travel case for a bike and whether to consider getting an existing bike retrofitted with S&S Couplers. Some of his recommendations are likely to be surprising. 

Show links:

Patria’s New Zealand trip blog

Rob Vandermark’s perspective

Co-Motion Co-Pilot Case

Shimano Deore XT Wheelset

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  1. brian_ledford says

    second or third the comments re: rigid vs soft cases. I suspect the rigid cases also do a “better” job of transferring force, wherever applied, to stress risers on the case. So every time it gets bounced around the latch is taking all the stress. I have 2 orucase cases: one of the s and s cases they briefly made, and one of the airport ninja ones. if you’re under 6 foot, the airport ninja cases are really nice.

  2. patrialanfranchi says

    Good point, Brian, about the extra stress at the latches. Thanks for the recommendation for the Ninja case. Hope you have some travel coming up in your cycling life soon!

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