Paceline Podcast #23

The Rockwell  Relay headlines our show. In the end, Team Fatty rocked their category. But for a few minutes, it looked like their perfectly executed plan was about to come undone. This is not a bike story, it’s a a van story. The Rockwell Relay and the one (van) that nearly got away.

Padraig is back from Park City where he has been toughing it out, testing new gear. We have two interviews from Summer Press Camp: one with Ridley on the Noah Disc and another on a bike that a few weeks ago had us asking, “a gravel aero bike?” We get the details on the 3T Exploro and some first impressions from Padraig, who rode this unique machine.

Thank you Floyd Landis for giving us great fodder for our final segment. Landis has opened a pot shot in Leadville, CO. Need we say more? We do and we did. The Landis cannabis discount offer was of particular interest.

Our panel takes on the Friday Group Ride question of a few weeks ago by attempting to identify the best color for a bike.



Show Links:

Fatty’s reports on The Rockwell Relay

Padraig goes gear hunting at summer  press camp

Floyd’s of Leadville

Best color for a bike

Bear vs. Bike video


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