Paceline Podcast 206

This week Selene takes on a listener question about whether or not she would race with a mask if she had to. As it turns out, the answer requires some thought considering there are so many forms of racing.

Dovetailing with a piece she wrote for Bicycling about Dylan Lorimer, a 265-lb. rider who rode 123 miles and averaged 18.5 mph with one other rider, Selene takes on the issue of cycling and body shape. One need not be rail thin to be a cyclist.

Is it possible to say that some of us are settling into the routines of our Covid lifestyle? Patrick is wondering what sorts of things we might be able to start re-incorporating into our lives. Could you have a bike expo outside and keep each exhibitor 12 feet apart and only admit a limited number of mask-wearing attendees?

Show links:

Selene’s piece: This Cyclist Shows That “You Don’t Have to Be Built Like a Stick to Be a Cyclist”


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