Paceline Podcast 204

This week Selene looks at a fresh strategy to bring women’s racing to a broad audience with the new announcement from the Colorado Classic. By streaming the race online it keeps risk down for the audience while still giving sponsors the exposure they seek.

Patrick digs into the controversy caused by a social media post and resultant departure of Jim Cummins, one of the founders of the event that is soon to be formerly known as Dirty Kanza. Cummins’ comment, his departure and ongoing controversy over the name of the event serve as crucible, a way to examine the larger conversation about race and how we treat people here in the U.S.

Certainly, there are more fun things in cycling to discuss, but this is a time of such reckoning that not looking within our sport and examining how we can do better seems to be a disservice to our time and our responsibility to you.

As part of the show, Patrick interviews 2015 winner Yuri Hauswald, a rider deeply embedded in gravel culture and closely associated with the DK group of events.

Show links:

Zhaawani-noodin: There is a South Wind – a Response to the Name “Dirty Kanza” by Alexandera Hoochin

The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates

James Stout’s piece that reports the many petitions made to change the name of Dirty Kanza

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