Paceline Podcast 122

This week Selene poses an interesting question: How much riding do you need each week to be healthy both mentally and physically? Researchers at the University of Sydney published a study tracking 1500 healthy adults over the age of 49 for 10 years to find out what the optimal amount of exercise was. What they found was surprising, and at least for some of us, pretty gratifying.

Photo courtesy Stephen Kincaid

Patrick has a question of his own. What does it mean to ask someone to go for a ride with you? Patrick says many of his friends and acquaintances will dodge going for a ride out of a fear that they’ll be hammered to the point of being dropped. He’s eager to figure out a way to convey to people that when he wants to ride with them he means he wants to ride WITH them. There’s something that comes out of conversation on the bike that is different than what will transpire in a coffee shop or at the bar.

Lead image courtesy Roman Cho.



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