Paceline Podcast 118

Patrick is just back from several days in Ketchum, Idaho, where he attended a new media event called CrankTank. There were presentations by a number of exhibitors on everything from socks to ebikes. He details a few of the items that caught his fancy while there.

You’ve probably heard of Zwift, the virtual riding environment application that pairs with a smart trainer and gives you something to focus on as you do a trainer workout. Well Zwift has moved beyond solo riding into group riding and even racing. Well, there’s a new company called Cycligent Physical Esports that has created a race series called the CVR World Cup using Zwift as the course platform. Racers who accumulate enough points over the course of the season go to an arena with their trainers to race and the competition is broadcast on a big screen complete with color commentary. Selene spoke with one of the founders, Hunter Allen, who is best known for his work with Training Peaks.

Rather than excerpt Selene’s interview with Hunter Allen, we’ve included the entire interview here, so this episode runs a bit longer than usual.



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