Paceline Podcast 114

After a brief hiatus, the Paceline is back in a slightly different format. Fatty has a new Leadville podcast he’s producing, and as one of only eight people to complete Leadville 20 times, there is arguably no one better to produce a podcast devoted to all things Leadville. Hottie has also decided to pursue some other endeavors, though we’re hopeful we can coax him back into some appearances here, provided his schedule isn’t as full as Fatty’s.

Stepping into the show is Selene Yeager, best known as the Fit Chick in Bicycling Magazine. Patrick and Selene got a chance to hang out and do some riding at the Outdoor Blogger Summit in Bentonville, Ark., last fall and they got to talking about podcasting and the thought at the time was to possibly help Selene launch a podcast of her own. My how things turn.

For this week’s show Selene discusses her recent experience at a new gravel event in Michigan, called the Coast to Coast. Patrick, fresh off a humbling experience at the final Grasshopper of the season, King Ridge Dirt Supreme went on to set a PR on a local climb two days later. He’s not sure he knows anything about his own fitness anymore and wonders how anyone can get a handle on things with so much confusing data.



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Show links:

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Michigan Coast to Coast

King Ridge Dirt Supreme Grasshopper

Trigger Point Grid Vibe


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