Letter from the Editors

The year draws to a close, whether you’re done with it or not, and 2022 was a banger here at TCI. Readership grew throughout the year. More people listened to our podcasts. Subscribers subscribed, and with the generous support of Shimano North America we were able to recruit and publish an array of voices.

Big props to Shimano North America for being our 2022 Ride or Die.

What TCI is now is getting much closer to what we hoped it would be, a different kind of cycling website, whose contributors lived and shared experiences much closer to that of its readers, a place where more different people could see themselves represented and written about. There is, as always, a long way still to go, but we’ve made a lot of progress in just the last 365 days.

Next year, we hope to share even more great work from Julie Snyder, Christina Sinkovec, John Rezell, the inimitable Stevil Kinevil, our newest addition The Builder, Fez Aswat, Pat Navin, Maureen Gaffney and a few new voices waiting in the wings now, as well as the regular weekly nonsense you know and love already.

We have some new podcasts in the works, too. Not surprisingly, it’s harder to get a podcast conceived, produced, mixed and packaged than it is a written piece. We’ve got really cool content from some really cool people in the works, and while we expected to have some of that out in 2022, there’s no time like the New Year.

The way forward for us is not that hard to see. We need to attract more readers (please share all our content with your cycling friends), and we need more of those readers to become subscribers. In our vision, we engage with a few high-quality sponsors, companies we like and believe in. Our independence and integrity will always be more important than our revenue (although revenue isn’t a terrible thing to have).

Finally, we’d love to hear from you. How are we doing? What could be better? What would you like to find here that you aren’t currently seeing? We are equally open to criticism as we are to encouragement.

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