Introducing: Turtle Wandering

A good friend of The Cycling Independent, Elizabeth Allen, has started a really cool new video blog series called Turtle Wandering. In her words, this is the description:

“It is about the places and things I explore when moving. Walking, hiking, biking, traveling will all be a part through my lens as a BIPOC, plus sized woman in her 50’s. There will be a few “instructional/guide” videos too about purchasing bikes on a budget, traveling cheaper and other information for the person who wants to get out there and doesn’t know where or how to start.”

Your host, Elizabeth Allen on the road to a new adventure

Elizabeth has been a long-time member and advocate of the Eastern Pennsylvania cycling community. We have her latest video here. It’s about “volunteering at Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo, a great and now famous gravel event in Northeastern Pennsylvania that’s a blend of fun, community, creativity, bikes and the ‘Spirit of Howdy.'”

Take a look, it’s well worth it, with more to come.

And for a bit of history on how Turtle Wandering began, take a look here. And follow here on Instagram

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