Girls Gotta Eat Dirt

Ripton Co. makes jorts. I don’t own a pair of jorts, but I’m gonna get some, because obviously they make you fully and completely rad. This video, in fact, inspired me so much that I sent it to my wife, who has far better things to do than watch three young women absolutely shred some Colorado single-track.

Later she asked, “Why did you think I needed to see that?”

And I said, “Because those girls are nailing it. They are getting everything about riding bikes right. They’re having all the fun. They’re hanging with their best friends. They’re really good riders, but they’re not showing off. It’s not a bunch of jump line bullshit that makes you feel bad about yourself as a rider. It’s just exactly what mountain biking, what any biking, should be like.”

In my opinion.

Perhaps it will also give you the feels. Again, I don’t know why a company that sells jorts is doing this, but maybe I’m not supposed to understand it. I’m just supposed to get inspired, pull on a pair of shortened dungarees, grab a few friends, and ride like I’m 10-years-old again. Sounds dope to me.

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