Enter the Deuce 13

You’d think that having your child’s doctor tell you he’s ready to go home would be cause for exhilaration and joy. Honestly, my sense of him was that he was still so fragile I didn’t feel entirely ready to leave the safety of the NICU. It was a reaction I never thought I’d have. 

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  1. albanybenn says

    The day the feeding tube came out was scary. The next day the “wiring harness” was off, no monitors giving supportive messages. The next morning the cheery nurse asked if we had the car seat installed, because our 4 pounds of premie son was coming home. There were struggles that first year, but it all worked out. He’s a Ph.d now and you would never know about those NICU days if you met him.

    1. Padraig says

      Wow. What a great outcome, one still unfolding.

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