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The sound comes high and sweet on the wind, a swarm of bees, an alarm clock summoning you from a mid-afternoon nap, gravity's slot machine paying out. It's a signifier that

Letter from the Editors

Hello Friends, Just us, checking in from the end of summer (unless you're one of our Southern Hemisphere readers...we're not trying to be hemispherist). It's been a busy

Line Choice

On any surface, there is a line of least resistance for your bicycle. Let's call this the A line. On pavement, the A line may be wide and not something you need to think


Literally: suppleness, softness, flexibility, adaptability, fluidity. On the bike: smoothness, a one-ness with the machine. Think of a climber dancing away on that steep

Going Flat

For the last few months, I've been in the process of transitioning my mountain bike riding from clipless pedals to flats. For those of you still clipping on the trail, I'm

The Want Business

Real talk, you don't need a new bike. Your presence here, on this site, reading this post, imply strongly that you have a bike and probably more than one. This is a

Video – Life of Pie

Here's a nice story about a pair of ladies who made themselves a home and then made a home for other people. That's all well and good, because nice people doing nice things

You Are Subsumed

You think you are you, but you are not. Hundreds of thousands of bacteria, microbes, and other hangers on ride around with you every hour of every day, on your skin, in your

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