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Two Days in Mendo

Our hapless hero takes a crash course in re-establishing fitness. I come around a bend and I see before me the trail running to a tree root and then air. A heartbeat

An Electric Balance

Faced with an empty nest and a fitness imbalance, this couple decided to get help for their rides together. “Go F(bleeeeeeep)k Yourself!” Sam said, and then

A Counter Culture

Culture is one of those nebulous words, describing a set of characteristics and interacting factors, a hazy, almost discreet quality of human communities. Counter culture,

In the House of the Pope

There are those roads that convince you you’re better than you are. We were riding in the Hautes Alpes east of Mont Ventoux, a region that balanced gracefully between alpine

No Exit

We lost Mark. Just the other day. COVID. He’s gone. It hurts. It could’ve been me. It could’ve been you. Mark did everything right—mask, distance, washed his hands.

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