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It only happened once or twice. I made a sort of kamikaze effort to get off the front of the group, the result of some combination of my own recklessness and everyone else's

Groping for Fitness

'Groping,' as a word, has seen better days. It came into English from the Old English grapian, "to feel about (as in darkness or drunkenness)." Shortly after, Shakespeare

What You Wish For

I asked my wife if she wanted to go mountain biking, not in a generalized way, but at a specific time and date. She's the sort of person who likes to know what to expect. She

The Value of Now

Brittney asked where Steve was. He was a regular at our group fitness sessions, but then he disappeared. “He got a hip replacement,” I said. She made a pained face and

Phases of the Game

In order to get better at enduring (life) I've been trying to break down the various mental phases of any run/ride/long hike. Somehow being able to identify where my head is

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