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Crash Therapy

The conversation in my head while riding Bull Run last weekend in Moab was dawdling along something like this:  “I’m riding really well. I’m gonna try to keep it mellow,

The Bikes We Are

Lee pulled up next to us. He was out doing hill repeats. He's one of those people, I'm afraid. I'm friends with him anyway, cause he's a sweet guy and what do I care how he

Hey, Just Ride 27

It's downright entertaining how we change throughout our course in life. I'm tempted to say we evolve, but, at least in my case, that might be a bit of a stretch given my

The Rivendell Garage Sale

Editor's note: The following is by TCI (and RKP) friend Philip Williamson. Elbow deep in a box of various stems, unidentifiable rack parts, orphaned pedals, and a saddle

Hey, Just Ride 26

When the snaps, crackles and pops of my campfire fall silent, the occasional hoots of Great Horned Owls echo through forest casting a spell on my soul. Staring at the

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