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Hey, Just Ride

I’ve written a screenplay called My Sister is a Reptilian Shape-Shifter and a young adult novel where the prodigy young female protagonist can see the world through the eyes

Chasing Rabbits

As I understand it, the rabbit is already in the hat, but I'm not clear on how it gets there. As far as I know, it's magic that puts the rabbit there in the first place and

Hey, Just Ride

Ah, a New Year! Time to reflect and tell old stories. I’ve been a storyteller for as long as I can remember. When I started to write for the local newspaper and eventually

Absolutely Modern

In his 1873 work Une Saison en Enfer (A Season in Hell), Arthur Rimbaud wrote "One must be absolutely modern." Rimbaud was one of those guys, restless, dissatisfied, usually

Hey, Just Ride

Despite the dampness, dark and cold, I moved into the basement bedroom in search of privacy and the sense of independence as soon as my older brother headed west to Lake

The Laughing Group

The Laughing Group is that bunch of riders at the back of the peloton who know the finish line isn't for them that day. Maybe it's a pack of sprinters on a mountain day. They

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