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Well, we’ve wrestled that hydra to its knees, or whatever hydra have that pass for knees. The shopping cart is functioning as you’d expect a shopping cart to function.

Honestly, we’d like to make this even simpler than it is, but the login/registration is necessary from a security standpoint. We want the data you share with us to be bank-vault secure, which is why we chose WooCommerce to protect your info. And no, we won’t be spamming you each time we do something amazing (a daily occurrence, we hope). You’ll hear from us less often than you turn calendar pages.

Friends, Roleurs, Mountain Bikers, lend me your ears!

To make this three-ringed circus of cycling joy function on a daily basis, we need your help. We need you to subscribe now.

It’s simple really. The money we collect pays our contributors, and founding journalists. Every dollar goes to a person who makes the sausage, so to speak. Put another way, we don’t have any salespeople and no middle-managers. Everyone here pedals.

The benefit to you is that none of those people is beholden to a advertiser, sponsor, or investor. Everything you read here will be independently produced writing and podcasts, words and ideas as close to true as we can find in the vast experience of our own cycling.

To make this collective dream a reality, you can click the Support TCI link in the top right of the main menu and transact the transaction like someone eager to embark on rollicking ride with his/her friends.

Yours Very Sincerely,

Padraig, Cush, and Robot

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  1. TominAlbany says

    I do not understand how to subscribe. I clicked the link and it said there was nothing in the cart. I do not see how/where to put something into my cart.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      Tom, it’s broken. We’re fixing it. Tomorrow it should be possible to subscribe without calling down the wrath of WordPress and your local Russian bot farm.

    2. Padraig says

      For what it’s worth, as we were testing stuff on our end, it seemed solid, but it took readers who weren’t already logged into the site for us to learn that there was a major hitch. I’m shocked that something integrated with WordPress could be so lousy. If we had known it was this bad yesterday, we wouldn’t have allowed that page to go live. The upside is that the redesign that I’ve initiated will work better than that system was supposed to work. So there’s that.

      Egg, meet face. But, srsly, thank you for your patience (that goes for all of you).

  2. TominAlbany says

    In the interest of trying to help:

    I can now see the item in my cart. I’ve updated acct info to include my credit card info. (No Paypal option?) I click checkout and it takes me back to my account and the item is still in my cart.

    1. Padraig says

      Thanks Tom, we’ve been continuing to work with our developer and making refinements to make what should have been obvious and seamless more obvious and seamless. PayPal is an option from the individual subscription description pages. Why WooCommerce didn’t integrate those into the checkout procedure is beyond me. That is yet another refinement I’ll be working with our developer on.

      All that said, it does actually work now. So pick your subscription level, login, then select the red shopping cart in the upper right; when you click on that, you will be taken to checkout.

      None of this was possible when you wrote us earlier today. *sigh

      Thanks for your interest, patience and support.

  3. TominAlbany says

    All good now! Officially subscribed.

  4. Hautacam says

    I’m in! Nice digs ya got here. Aesthetics are different that your old pad up the road, but they’re growing on me.

    1. Padraig says

      Welcome. It’s a joy to see your handle pop up, to know you followed us. Means the world to me.

  5. pfnavin says

    Wonderful! Happy to support so many great writers!

    Pat Navin

    1. pfnavin says

      One quick question: No annual subscription? Will my credit card be automatically billed monthly? I don’t want to have to subscribe every month!


    2. Emlyn Lewis says

      Should be auto billed monthly. Yes. Thanks!!!

    3. Padraig says

      We will also offer annual memberships at some point; my goal is within the first six months, but there is still a lot we need to accomplish. The memberships will offer different sorts of premiums than the current monthly subscriptions offer.

      And as our man Robot said, thanks!

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