B.C. Bike Race Goes Gravel: Introduces “BCBR Gravel Explorer”

The Canadian team that arguably invented mountain bike stage racing in 2007 is introducing a new component to its hugely successful B.C. Bike Race stage race brand, a five day gravel event that explores the Okanagan Region. This new gravel event called BCBR Gravel Explorer will start and finish in the beautiful Naramata Bench, located in the South Okanagan Valley which stretches along the eastern side of Okanagan Lake.

According to the promoters,

“Our multi-day stage format will allows us to dig in and explore this amazing region, and all it has to offer. The fall colours will be arriving as the grapes meet their makers in the pristine Okanagan. Join us to welcome the local wine harvest as we zig zag through the countryside hunting for challenges. Open your eyes, ears, throbbing legs and pounding heart rate to the gravel experience of a lifetime.

Robb Thompson Photo

“Expect to be challenged. We’re not aiming to be the normal soul crushing mega distances. We’ve set our sites on a brash and bold mix of everything a gravel bike is capable of, hopefully you and your trusty steed are ready to Explore and your Spirit of Adventure is up to the challenge.”

This new and unique event will take place in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, September 26 – October 1 with registration opening on Tuesday, February 9.

Here is pricing and availability on sale soon. More info and route maps right here.


TIER 1 – The Pioneer
$1499 CAD

First 50 spots

TIER 2 – The Bold Adventurer
$1599 CAD

50 – 150 spots

TIER 3 – The Sommelier
$1699 CAD

150+ spots

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