A Useful Review – The Voler Drytech baselayer

Every few years or so I like to revisit Voler’s Drytech short sleeve base layer. I’ve been wearing these things for years. It’s a basic short-sleeve, crew-neck base layer in white. There’s nothing sexy about it, which is what makes it so sexy. It wicks well on hot days and provides nice insulation on cooler ones. They are also durable as hell. I’ve crashed and not damaged the base layer at all. I’ve yet to wear one out. They are still remarkably white, though that doesn’t matter when they are under a jersey.

They come in five sizes and a single color. Their best feature is this: they are only $40. If you buy three you get the third one for half off. Also, if you join their mailing list, it used to be that every fall they would run a half-off deal. 

In addition to the short sleeve, they also offer a sleeveless version as well as a long-sleeve version. I like the short sleeves in fall and spring so that I can layer arm warmers beneath the sleeves in order to prevent chilly shoulders. 

One easy-to-miss feature of this base layer is the fact that it doesn’t feature a full crew collar. I’ve got an imperial ton of jerseys with short-ish collars and this base layer doesn’t peek out when the jerseys are zipped up.

Final thought: I’ve spent more for non-Merino base layers, but I’m not sure why.

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