A Useful Review – The Theragun Mini

Oh, how I love to be percussed. Frankly, my younger self did not foresee ever writing a review of a massage tool at any point in my cycling career, but when you ride as much as I have (and you probably have) and you want to keep doing it, you entertain some whacky ideas, up to and including hammering tired muscles and stubborn knots at 2400ppm.

Even when I’m not sore, I like to go over my calves, quads and the soles of my feet with the Theragun Mini.

Why the Mini and not the Prime, Elite, or Pro? Well, because it’s relatively cheap at $199 (on sale for $159 right now), plenty powerful, and small enough to tuck away on a bookshelf by the TV, which is where I normally use it. And I use it a lot. Whether or not percussion is preventative or just therapeutic, I don’t know, and I’m not too fussed either way.

Therabody says things about the Mini being virtually silent. That is not my experience, but I don’t mind, because it leaves me feeling relaxed. Few things in my life do that.

Oh, and it scares the dog, which amuses me.

The Mini has three speeds, 1750ppm, 2100ppm, and 2400ppm, and comes in four colors. I like the middle setting in basic black, because that’s the kind of guy I am. Also, it is billed it as the portable one, like it’s good for travel, that’s why they call it the Mini, but I think it does just fine as an everyday player.

Battery life is 150 minutes. That’s a lot of percussion between charges.

Cyclists, like you, will tend to have tight calves and quads. Working your glutes and IT band are also nice things to do. The Theragun Mini is, for me, an adjunct to stretching and to injury recovery, which I seem to be doing pretty much every day anyway. Hopefully, your results vary.

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  1. alanm9 says

    Thanks Robot! I usually think these things are tv gimmicks, but on your recommendation I just bought one for my wife. Of course I’ll, um, show her how to use it.

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