A Useful Review – The Sportful Fiandre Warmers

We’ve got more wet weather on the way this coming weekend, so I anticipate being out with fenders. And while fenders are really great, they don’t eliminate all the wet and spray, so my pick this week is, are? The Sportful Fiandre warmers. I’m thinking most specifically of their knee warmers, but Sportful’s Fiandre warmers include arm warmers, leg warmer and knee warmers.

What sets these warmers apart from most (though not all) other warmers is that the fabric receives Sportful’s NoRain treatment. This is more than a DWR coating, as it’s an actual treatment to the fabric that is claimed to be permanent, and I now have enough experience with it that I can say that in three years it hasn’t worn off.

I should mention that these are PRO-sized. In the knee warmers I wear a medium, which seems normal enough, but in the arm warmers I wear a large. I’ve been told I have T. Rex arms, so consider that before ordering a set.

The Fiandre knee warmers are constructed from a classic Roubaix lycra, feature a single seam, a reflective logo in front as well as a reflective element in back plus grippers to hold them in place. They go for $60, which is not inexpensive, but when I watch water bead up on them and then run off, leaving my knees dry, I’m apt to cry out, “Take my money.” I have rain jackets for my upper body but still prefer knee warmers or leg warmers to tights or pants and these allow for a certain amount of spray with no discomfort. 

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