A Useful Review – The Schwalbe G-One R Gravel Tire

The Schwalbe G-One R is a very specific gravel tire. This is billed as the race version of the G-One, which is actually a group of tires (there are 7 in total), which run from slick to very knobby. The G-One R must be the race tire because it rolls fast, but I’d say it strikes a good balance between speed and grip. You can certainly get knobbier gravel tires, and if you’re the type to ride mostly single track on your gravel bike, aka underbiking, then you might look at the G-One Bite or even the Ultra-Bite.

For me though, I like something that’s a bit more versatile. I end up riding my gravel bike everywhere all the time, so I like a tire that transitions to road without a big penalty and without sounding like I’m driving a monster truck. Probably the best thing about Schwalbe tires is their suppleness. A lot of gravel tires, especially the boxier ones, can feel stiff, but Schwalbe’s Super Race carcass rolls sweetly and transitions nicely in turns.

They’re like a comfortable pair of shoes.

As I said, the G-One comes in 7 different flavors, not to mention the X-One, so there’s something there for everyone. The G-One Allround is meant to be their do-everything tire, but for me, it’s not aggressive enough. It’s a filetread tire, and if I’m going to run a filetread, it’s going to be a 32mm one, because if you’re opting for speed, opt for speed. That’s my view.

But for a 40mm do everything gravel tire, I like the G-One R They are $88 each, but you’ll need two of them, so I make that $176.

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  1. Bruce Pierce says

    Curious how these compare to the buttery but kinda delicate Rene Herses. Anyone around here ridden both?

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