A Useful Review – The Rabbit EZ Perf Tee

I’m riding mountain and gravel bikes mostly these days, and those rides tend to be shorter than my old road rides, which often stretched 4-6 hours. I’m out now for 2 or 2-½ hours usually, and I’ve been rethinking what I wear.

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Folks would have heard me say a lot of jokey stuff about Lycra here and on the site. I want to just clarify that Lycra is great. I own a lot of it. In fact, I own more traditional road kits than I have any right to, thanks to working in the industry a long time. So all the stuff I’ve said about Lycra and conventional bike wear should not be construed as condemnation or judgment. It’s great. It’s fine. Wear what you feel comfortable in.

That said, I want to call your attention to a running shirt that I like to ride bikes in, the Rabbit EZ Perf Tee. It’s an ultra-light weight, perforated running shirt. It has no pockets. It’s just a t-shirt. I love it because it lets the air flow around my upper body and unlike even a lot of “wicking” fabrics, the Rabbit seems to actually keep me dryer than most, which is a big deal, given the way I sweat.

As for what to do with the stuff I normally put in jersey pockets, those things go in shorts pockets or saddle bags now. No big deal.

These shirts are cut for men or women. They come in an array of colors. I like the gray, because I like gray a lot. My kids sometimes make fun of my groutfits, which is when I show up wearing a gray shirt with gray shorts or pants. The Rabbit EZ Perf tee is $48.

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