A Useful Review – The Fox Ranger 6″ Sock

I love these socks. Because they’re made by Fox, of course they’re called Ranger. These are the Ranger 6” Socks. They come in 5 colors (camo, indigo, black, red and plum), and they’re $16.95 a pair. Don’t confuse them with the 8″ or 10″ versions. Or do, if you like those heights better. There’s a women’s version, but that only comes in 3 colors (black, sea foam, and plum). No camo! It also comes in the other heights.

Because I know you’re wondering, I bought the camo. I know I generally buy everything in black or gray, but I’m a sucker for camo. I grew up around hunters. Quite how those two things relate, I’m not sure.

What’s good about the Ranger sock is that it’s soft and comfortable BUT ALSO gives a compression support that is like having a pair of weighted blankets on your feet. Seriously, I think they make me feel more calm than a conventional sock. They also have a gripper strip in the middle of the foot, to keep them in place in your shoe.

These are not winter socks, but you could pull them over a pair of DeFeet Wooleators, which are the best sock ever made, and be pretty comfortable at higher winter temperatures. If I were going to change one thing about them I’d make them 5″ tall instead of 6″. Does that even count as a con?

The one thing I can’t tell you about is durability. I bought the pair I have at the end of the summer, so I’ve only worn them 5 or 10 times. Is $17 a lot for a pair of socks. Probably. Will I buy more pairs of these? Yes, probably. I like them that much.

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