A Useful Review: Floyd’s of Leadville Recovery Balm

Because my riding has been somewhat erratic due to travel, my weeks of riding have been up and down in terms of the numbers of hours I’ve been on the bike. A couple of weeks ago I went a little bonkers one weekend and rode almost ten hours in three days—not really that much, but it was a jump for me for this spring. I ended up with some knee pain. In addition to taking some glucosamine and chondroitin, I also used the Recovery Balm from Floyd’s of Leadville which is a full-spectrum CBD balm with arnica added. Arnica is often used for muscle soreness as well as joint stiffness and soreness. 

I’d take the glucosamine and chondroitin in the morning, as well as applying the balm, but I often noticed that late in the day my left knee would have a thing or two to say to me. These were not what I’d call friendly statements. That’s when I’d hit my knee with the Recovery Balm, and it did the trick. Within about 15-20 minutes my knee would be feeling better.

It comes in two sizes, one with 180mg of CBD and another with 600mg of CBD. They go for $19.99 and $47.99 respectively. 

Look, I’ll say it: CBD is getting touted as a miracle cure for everything from cancer to Vladimir Putin. It can’t do all that many things, but studies have shown that CBD is effective at dealing with both nerve pain, which I’ve written about previously, and inflammation. You can count on it to help with those symptoms. I just wouldn’t use it to cure Covid.

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  1. bart says

    Do you know if this product impacts/improves the underlying cause of the pain – such as inflammation, or does it just mask the pain? I’m very careful with masking pain as doing so can just lead to further damage and bigger problems.

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