A Useful Review – Feedzone Portables Cookbook

I’ve eaten more than my fair share of wrapper foods and they work for me most of the time. But what works better for me? Real food. I feel silly thinking about how long it took for me to understand this. What I learned about real food is best summed up in Biju Thomas’ and Allen Lim’s cookbook, Feedzone Portables.

This book is easily the cycling book I open most frequently. As I mentioned, I’ve eaten more Clif Bars, Gus and assorted chews than most and while I like all the wrapper foods, when it comes to doing a long day in the saddle, I’ve never had anything fuel me better than the recipes in Feedzone Portables. I’m glad that VeloPress has kept this in print because I plan to keep recommending it. 

As much as I love the recipes, the real genius of the book is that it walks the reader (chef?) through the entire process of making the recipe, then portioning it and then how to wrap individual servings up. For folks who like sweet stuff when they ride, there’s plenty of that, but for peeps who want something savory, given how few options there are out there, the savory recipes are where this book just kills. I’ll be making a couple of the recipes in anticipation of the 8 Hours of Wente. 

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  1. Dad Cat says

    Honestly, my only real problem with the book is that the print is so darned small. I need to get even better reading glasses to read the thing.
    That and the binding is such that I can’t lay it out and open on the kitchen counter when I’m making the recipes. Darnit.
    But the contents. The contents are great. Go buy the book if you haven’t.

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