Video – This is Home: Henrique Avancini

This week’s video comes to us from Brazil and Shimano. Brazil is a big, beautiful place that produces many outstanding athletes across all the cycling disciplines. This video is cool because it focuses on the human story behind one of those elite sports stars, rather than just a series of jump reels.

For TCI, this video is also significant because Shimano has agreed to come on as primary sponsor of the site and podcasts. Beginning next month, you will be seeing more Shimano produced content integrated into what we do here. Of all the potential sponsors we spoke to, Shimano does the most work producing video content that we think is valuable to TCI readers and listeners, actually valuable, not just branded.

Not every video we feature will be a Shimano video. Not at all. But some posts will have embedded Shimano content, letting our sponsor speak for themselves, and we will curate that content, so it edifies and educates, rather than simply promoting the brand. We appreciate so much that Shimano believes in what we’re doing and has given us the latitude to bring them into the TCI site in ways we feel good about.

Anyway, enjoy this short video as a brief preview of things to come.

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