Video: The Six Day Race – The Story of Marshall ‘Major’ Taylor

Born just a few, short years after the end of slavery in the US, and despite obstacles at nearly every turn, Major Taylor became the first black, American superstar athlete. He started racing (and winning) when he was just 13-years-old, and 50 years before Jackie Robinson, he navigated a world hostile to his talent, to become a world-champion on the track.

Major Taylor’s is a story of talent overcoming prejudice, but it’s also a story about a man of singular will and courage who put his life on the line to chase a dream.

This short video tells the story for those who don’t already know it, and adds some depth for those who do.

And here’s even more, because I, for one, can’t get enough Major Taylor.

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  1. Dan Murphy says

    A local guy to Boston, Todd Balf, wrote a book about Major Taylor a few years ago – “Major”. Great story.

    1. Padraig says

      I’ve been wanting to read that. Todd is a helluva writer. Good dude, too.

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