Video – The Shore

I’m a daydreamer. And when I daydream, I daydream this.

One of my Welsh cousins did a world tour in her twenties. She went everywhere. And when she stopped off with me in Boston on her way home, I asked her what the best place she saw was. Without hesitating, she said New Zealand.

So I said, “You come from a green place, with craggy peaks, covered in sheep, and you went all over the world and decided what you liked best was a green place, with craggy peaks, covered in sheep?” She nodded.

At the time I thought she was homesick or lacked imagination, but now I get it. The environments that light me up tend to all have these things in common. Cool air, lush vegetation, big rocks, punchy climbs.

This video captures it really well, and I haven’t been to Vancouver. Yet.

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