Video – The Kids Are Alright

I don’t know how I’m just seeing this in 2022, since it came out 2 years ago. Obviously, the algorithm is falling down on the job, because if it were in good working order it would know that THIS is exactly the sort of thing I want to see.

The kids really are still alright, even nearly 60 years since The Who told us so in the first place.

This gem comes to us via TCI sponsors Shimano, which demonstrates that, while they resolutely going about their business of making all the stuff we need to ride bikes, they also get the point of what they’re doing, which is to foster excitement, inspiration, joy and hope in the people of Earth.

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  1. jcs2317 says

    This video was reassuring. By that I mean that it was so cool to see kids being kids on bikes, and doing things that I would never have imagined as a child. The kids in the video are definitely all right.

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