Video – How Cycling Can Improve Your Mental Health

OK, so this is a video from our primary sponsor Shimano, BUT it has three things I like a lot, tattoos, bikes, and frank discussions of mental health challenges, so the great likelihood is that, unless it had been sponsored by zucchini, which I don’t like at all, I would have shared it with you.

For most of us, the main conclusion, that cycling is good for your mental health is not a revelation, but this very short video tells a compelling story and if it helps normalize conversations about the things that trouble us, then it’s worth your 2:42.

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  1. khal spencer says

    Cycling may be good for this guy’s mental health, but if he keeps ripping through intersections without looking for cross traffic, it might not be too good for his physical health. Hopefully, he just does that for the camera.

    Cycling has gotten me through some serious life downers as well as giving me the strength and endurance to do some major mental stress tests as well. Good video, but watch for those cars…

  2. Tom says

    I agree. Biking picks me up everytime!

    Kahl, “without looking for cross traffic” (?), it looks like the video was done in a “drive on the left” country, so his speedy lefts had no oncoming crossing traffic, just like our speedy right turns here…

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