Video – Going the Distance with Lael Wilcox

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest TED fan. I find the format really cringey, and the whole “We-did-some-research-and-found-out-this-one-crazy-thing” vibe to be sorta like pseudo-intellectual clickbait. I’m a cynic though. As with anything, there’s some very good and some less good.

I’m a huge Lael Wilcox fan though. She’s strong. She’s tough. She’s humble, and she smiles a lot. That’s what I need from my heroes.

And in this video, she takes on a question that I turn over in my mind constantly. Why do these things? Why keep going?

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  1. jlaudolff says

    For sure Lael is my cycling hero, the one I think about when dreaming about touring or when things go wrong on a long ride. If she can keep riding with a smile and always say yes to hard stuff, I guess I can handle my little riding problems.

    Funny story, that ted talk.

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