Video – Born from Junk – Outlaw Origins of Mountain Biking

Here’s a fresh little number from Freehub Magazine about the origins of mountain biking in Colorado. Freehub is doing some really interesting and cool stuff, like this, so check them out.

Lots of folks, myself included, know about the kooks riding klunkers at Repack in Marin County, CA. Fewer, myself included, are aware of what was happening in Crested Butte at the same time.

I learned things here. You will too. And it’ll make you want to ride your bike. I sorta wish we didn’t have any of the technology we have now. I sorta wish it was all still klunkers, but that’s me.

Two quick things: 1) Freehub Magazine is probably, technically, a competitor of ours, but we’re not really competing. We’re trying to grow cycling and get people stoked to ride. Freehub is doing that too. And 2) TCI is supported by Shimano North America, and they let us do what we do in the way we like to do it, because they also believe in growing cycling.

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