The Shirt Off Our Backs

A call to commerce! An unsubtle, attention-grabbing shout out! A gentle plea.

Please witness the arrival of the brand-new, classic Cycling Independent Black t-shirt.

Excuse the smirking amateurness of the model and the hack Photoshopping.

Ignore the fact that you’ve already got too many black t-shirts, and get yourself one of these comely garments, the better to fetch coffee, groceries and come-hither stares.

You will find a fuller and more helpful description is in the TCI store.

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  1. Barry Johnson says

    Looks good, can’t wait to wear mine.

  2. Wyatt says


  3. khal spencer says

    Got a long sleeve version?

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      Not yet, Khal. Sorry. But the future is bright, maybe we get sleeves later.

  4. Pat Navin says

    Been wearing mine. Lovely shirt. Get lots of comments from fellow cyclists. I hope they turn into subscribers.

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