The Pull: Brad Bingham

On this week’s show, my guest is framebuilder Brad Bingham. He’s been called the finest TIG-welder in the world. Bingham rose to international prominence as a result of his work as a welder for Kent Eriksen Cycles. He has won the best welding award at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show for each of the last five years and prior to that multiple years as part of the team at Kent Eriksen that won the best titanium bike award.

As Kent Eriksen nears retirement, Bingham has launched his own brand, Bingham Built. The downtube decal announces simply Built with a period. While Merlin Metalworks set the bar for beautiful welding thanks to their “stack of dimes” double-pass welds back in the 1980s, Bingham has taken that look and elevated it to a nearly robotic consistency. I was curious to learn more about him and his work beyond just welding.

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