The Pull: Richard Sachs

The Pull is a new podcast from The Cycling Independent. My many interviews with framebuilders over the years have all lost something in translation from the conversation to the printed page (or pixels). I spent years dissatisfied with the outcome and honestly, reduced the number of interviews I did because the outcome was so dissatisfying, not to mention time-consuming for something that missed the spark of the actual conversation.

Rather than talk with artisans about their choice of tubing or their philosophy on fitting, in these interviews I want to discuss the concept of craft and what it takes to be good at something. Honestly, this is, in part, a reaction against the rise of social media fame, and people who are famous and rich for no reason other than being famous. Most of us aren’t that lucky, nor do we wish to chase that particular flavor of fame.

This podcast is to some degree an outgrowth of a long-running conversation I’ve had with framebuilder Richard Sachs. While I can’t be trusted with anyone’s safety with a torch in my hand, Richard is an artist with flame. In that, I see a kindred spirit to what I do with verbs. It’s fun to talk about how we keep the work fresh and what we’ve learned about how to do our jobs in this most recent phase of our careers.

To learn more, visit Richard Sachs Cycles.

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