The Paceline Podcast #52

Padraig has migrated south for the winter .. Winter Press Camp that is. He has the latest and greatest in road and gravel, including an eye-catching bike from a new company with a new approach to the bike biz.

One of the most common questions an experienced cyclist hears from the novice is: how do you sit on that hard seat? The answer is usually circles back to the chamois. But on this show we ponder the pad-less ride. Lets see how tough our sit bones really are.

One of the first companies to explore the relation between water and gut and blood was Osmo. The hydration company nearly cramped up and pulled out of the race. But it has been rescued thanks to the man who wears the rainbow jersey and another who has worn all sorts of hats in the bike industry. Padraig talks with the head of Osmo.

The Paceline is supported by: Health IQ. The people at Health IQ believe in cyclists and believe that healthy people should be rewarded with lower life insurance rates. Check them out here.



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