The Paceline Podcast #48

We decided to take the final show of the year and have some fun. We hand out some awards, and they are not your standard awards. There’s no “Best Rear Derailleur” or Best Performance by a Rider, Doped or Otherwise. Even those would be a good deal more standard than what we came up with. It’s a lean time of year, news-wise, so we figured we could get away with having a little fun. We’re reasonably sure that all the recipients will accept the awards in the spirit they were presented.


Michael sits down with Aaron Olson, former member of the pro peloton and current owner of Handlebar Coffee Roasters in Santa Barbara, CA. Their conversation covers racing the roads of Europe to the challenges of opening and running a small business stateside. Aaron is truly one of the good guys that rode the through a dark era for the sport. He came away with a no regrets attitude and an idea for his future. So grab a cup and enjoy their discussion.

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Handlebar Coffee Roasters

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