The Paceline Podcast #45

It is one thing to decide not to ride, it’s another to be forced off the bike by illness or injury or whatever. Fatty vents on his period of no riding.

It’s not all complaining. We set some race goals for 2017. What do you want to bet that at least one of us plans to be in the Colorado Rockies in early August?

USA Cycling has a goal for 2017, to become a bigger part of Gran Fondos and Gravel events. They even have a license category for riders who are focused on them. But is this a good thing? The reason many riders are attracted to GF&G rides is their grass roots appeal and their lack of bureaucracy.

A former Pro is taking down Strava KOMs to prove a point. Phil Gaimon wants to erase the name of a cheater who amassed a number of records in the Los Angeles area.

The Tour Down Under is done with podium girls. This could be the first domino in a chain that connects to the roots of the sport in Europe.

The largest cycling study of its kind is underway and Padraig has an interview with the doc behind it. Their results could shed light on just how healthy we are.

A nutrition company is back, an Italian bike company is bought and our Paceline Picks are in the holiday spirit.

The Paceline is supported by: Health IQ. The people at Health IQ believe in cyclists and believe that healthy people should be rewarded with lower life insurance rates. Check them out here.



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