The Paceline Podcast #42

Fall is a great season for riding and enjoying. The fitness is still hanging in there and the calendar is full of rides and events. Fatty takes us on a fall tradition that has been a part of his life for two decades. Michael checks out a new, November event in the meditation capital of SoCal. And Padraig follows tradition by hopping barriers and handing up beers.


Times they are a changing, especially in D.C. The Paceline revisits a bill backed by the Sustainable Trails Coalition that could open up more trails in wilderness areas to mountain biking. The bill is backed by two republicans who could use their party’s majority in the legislature and the incoming President to change how trail access is handled. Question is, will the Senators’ environmental records work against their effort to help mountain bikers?

Bike advocates have also spoken out about the election. Two leaders have sent letters to their memberships expressing their disappointment in the outcome of the national results but assuring supporters that locally, the mission of expanding bike opportunities will continue.

Bike mechanics are also entering a new era of shops with declining sales and more complex machines to repair. We hear from the head of a new organization hoping to solidify and improve the bike wrench profession.

Our Paceline Picks will fix a flat, relieve achy legs and ring a bell.

We are proud to announce the first sponsor of  The Paceline: Health IQ. The people at Health IQ believe in cyclists and believe that healthy people should be rewarded with lower life insurance rates. Check them out here.



Show Links:

Wilderness Trails

L.A. County Bike Coalition letter

Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association

Tubeless repair mentioned by Fatty

Bike bell tucked under computer


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